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 Our Mission 

WHo we are 

We are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization devoted to providing students in K-6th grade with the skills necessary to succeed in math. Learning mathematics does not require fancy equipment, expensive tutors, or any knowledge of the real world. It only requires that you know how to count and how to write. Our program can help any student master mathematics through proper training, regardless of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic background.

what we believe

Schools in the United States devote their energy to teaching the application of mathematics–we say this is not enough. Students must develop a foundational mastery of basic arithmetic computational skills to succeed in upper-level math. TOKO Math is uniquely structured as a series of micro tests that focuses on both accuracy and speed. The automatic recall of answers–the idea of knowing rather than thinking–is an essential principle of our program.

our impact 

We believe your student can–and will–improve their confidence and accuracy in math through our self-teaching and self-managing flashcards. The Math Fitness Club will prepare your student to excel in higher-level mathematics like algebra and calculus. Essential for the study of science, engineering, business, government, economics, and more, these math skills are necessary to understand and explain the world around us. By meeting international standards in math, joining our club provides students with a distinct advantage comparable with their international peers. Our goal is to help open the path to a variety of disciplines for every student by ensuring a solid foundation of mathematics in elementary school. ​​
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